I seldom read. I can’t even stand my readings for my school subjects. I only read when I’m really bored  or when I’m in travel.

When I was a kid, my mom said I read stuff at an early age. I read newspapers, print ads, pretty much anything readable. I don’t know but I think I hate now what I loved doing in my childhood. (except watching TV, and food)

I made this post because I think I don’t read enough books. I feel pressured because sometime in the last month, some of my classmates went to Fully Booked to avail the book sale. They went to buy at least 5 books. And I even can’t choose one. And I see their “to-read” lists over the Christmas Break, and I didn’t think I would read that much over a short amount of time.

I come to think that what I lack in reading, I invest in watching. But it isn’t the same as reading a book.

Ngayon, napag-isip isip ko kung bakit ako hindi mahilig magbasa:

I have imagination problems. When I read books, I tend to picture the characters as they are portrayed in their respective films. Hahahaha.