Declaring yourself in blog hiatus is so high school.

As you may see, I am still active in the social networking scene (check the Twitter widget on your right). Well, paumanhin. Meron akong iPod Touch with a Twitter app. So kahit nasa banyo ako, nagtutweet ako. Wag niyo na lang i-imagine kung kailan.

Anyways, what made me blog this time? My paper in Italian. I have been fussing on it for days. But I still haven’t found the will to do it. Hopefully after I post this, though.

Quick things, I was a bit disappointed that our professor changed the movies we are going to watch for the 2nd World War part of our German 40 class. It was The Pianist (the one with Adrien Brody in it) and Der Untergang. But he changed it to Sophie Scholl and some fun film with Hitler in it (forgot the title).

Share ko lang, our group is assigned to report about the East Germany, so we are tasked to watch Das Leben Der Anderen (won the Oscars) and Sonnenallee. Sana hindi na palitan.

Other thing, I enjoyed our mini-concert in MuL 9 earlier. We played Patangguk. I had the biggest one, so I became the rhythm of the group. Turns out I have concentration problems. I really have to concentrate so that I will not get lost in the rhythm. But I guess our presentation turned out well.

PS. I said to myself that I’ll minimize talking about myself too much in blogs (because I already do it often in microblogs) so this post is of its rare kind. (dapat)