The title just means “The songs of the european people.” in German. Don’t be afraid.

As a European Language major, I get to hear music from the European countries all the time. And I say, we have heard a lot of pretty great ones. Enjoy.

Reik – De Que Sirve (Spanish)

Reik is a really really good band from Mexico. I heard this first from my classmate in German who is a Spanish major. The band already won a Latin Grammy (or Grammies, idk). The lead vocals looks like a Mexican Ted Mosby. So, you have found your Mexican Wrestler Ted. Hahahahaha.

I don’t really understand the song, but it’s safe to say it’s for a girl who got away. Then the song becomes emo because he keeps saying vivir “to live”, volver “to come back” etc.

Il Volo – O Sole Mio (Italian)

Il Volo (which means “The Flight” in Italian) is composed of three tenors, Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio. Can you believe that the oldest of these three is only 18 years old? They came from an Italian show called Ti lascio una canzone (I leave you a song) then they formed the group and recently, they toured the US. Therefore, they were featured in American Idol. My favorite is Piero, with the glasses.

I think Italians have the best voices in the whole world. These kids are younger than me, for Christ’s sake.

The song is just a praise for a girl that is in front of the man. Hahaha. O sole mio means “Oh, My Sun” literally.

Andrea Bocelli and Judy Weiss – Vivo Per Lei (Italian/German)

Of course, we go Andrea Bocelli. He’s a legend, for me. This song, Vivo per Lei (I live for her) is a song where Andrea Bocelli always sings the Italian part, and his partner will sing the German/Italian/French/English part. Yes, this song has many versions. The spanish version, though, is just pure spanish. Vivo por Ella is the title.

I am not biased, but I think the best version of this song is Italian/German.

Rammstein – Sonne (German)

German rock.

Rammstein, I think, is the most famous German rock band. I chose this to share because its music video is entertaining. It features Schneewittchen (Snow White) being a tyrant. Hahaha. And the song teaches you how to count in German. “Hier kommt die Sonne” means here comes the sun. Very The Beatles.

Celine Dion – Mon Ami M’a Quitté (French)

I heard this one when I was studying French in high school. The song is about Celine Dion being left by her boyfriend. Hahaha.

For me, it’s more fun watching this:

I hate him because he’s a Fed fan, but I love him because of this. And his other movies.