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Wie Rassamee ist meine Lieblingsband Die Toten Hosen. Ich höre Rockbands gern.

Ich habe das Lied “Tage wie Diese” gewählt, weil dieses Lied unsere Erfahrung in der Sommeruni beschreibt. Laut Die Toten Hosen:

“An Tagen wie diesen, wünscht man sich Unendlichkeit
An Tagen wie diesen, haben wir noch ewig Zeit
Wünsch ich mir Unendlichkeit”


Ein schönes Lied von Peter Fox. In unserem Unterricht haben wir über dieses Lied diskutiert.

My German Blog

Para tumaas naman ang hits.

I made this blog for my German 10-11. It’s called a learning portfolio. Frau Jeanne Arroyo said that we can post anything we want in our portfolio. You can even have it handwritten. But being me, I would like to post some youtube videos and pictures, I went for the online one.

I read it, and it felt good that now I have learned a lot about the German language.

Viel Spass!


I seldom read. I can’t even stand my readings for my school subjects. I only read when I’m really bored  or when I’m in travel.

When I was a kid, my mom said I read stuff at an early age. I read newspapers, print ads, pretty much anything readable. I don’t know but I think I hate now what I loved doing in my childhood. (except watching TV, and food)

I made this post because I think I don’t read enough books. I feel pressured because sometime in the last month, some of my classmates went to Fully Booked to avail the book sale. They went to buy at least 5 books. And I even can’t choose one. And I see their “to-read” lists over the Christmas Break, and I didn’t think I would read that much over a short amount of time.

I come to think that what I lack in reading, I invest in watching. But it isn’t the same as reading a book.

Ngayon, napag-isip isip ko kung bakit ako hindi mahilig magbasa:

I have imagination problems. When I read books, I tend to picture the characters as they are portrayed in their respective films. Hahahaha.

E-mail from the Past

I got my email last Monday, which I sent 3 years ago. Thanks to

Dear FutureMe,

Na-cool-an ka sa ginawa ni Kuya Kel (Michael Flores, UP Circuit) nung 2005. Eventually, nareceive na niya ngayon yung email niya last 3 years ago. So, that is 6 years from time mo ngayon.

May exam ka sa EEE 23 bukas, Sabado, 4-7 pm. 1st long exam yun. Sana 1 take mo lang ang EEE 23, at naexempt ka sa Finals. Kinakabahan ka na. Pero di ka pa rin nagrereview.

Syempre, di mo makakalimutan na bumagsak ka sa EEE 33. Sana pumasa ka na ng second take. 5th year second sem ka na, so by that time.. nosebleed EEE na ang kinukuha mo.

Kapag nagshift ka na, sana related sa Medicine ang pinagshiftan mo. Nainspire ka kasi sa Grey’s anatomy.

Siyanga pala, nasa 2nd season ka pa lang ng Grey’s Anatomy. Nagpromise ka na nasa 5th season ka na by the end of the year.

Anung season kaya nag-end ang Grey’s? Saka Heroes, Chuck, The Office at Desperate Housewives. Dapat nasubaybayan mo na rin ang 90210, Gossip Girl, Entourage, 30 Rock.

At bet mo na nga pala si Kenny, Crystal at Bob sa Survivor Gabon, nanalo kaya ang isa sa kanila?

By the way, kaka-second thread pa lang ng Djokovic Thread sa PinoyExchange. Andun si ate jennyian, yeomyung, liyan, mykel, sarahtancredi, mrazmaniac at iba pang Djokophiles. By this time, Australian Open 2008 + Tennis Masters Cup 2008 pa rin ang title niya.

P.S Oo nga pala, may napanaginipan ka na naka piggy back ride ang love of your life sayo. Kaso, di mo siya kilala. Sino kaya yun?

P.P.S Sino binoto mo sa 2010 Presidential Elections? Laban pala ni Pacquiao sa Sunday. Si Dela Hoya ang mananalo, sa tingin ko. Syempre alam mo na kung sino nanalo.


Very dramatic. Joke.

I would like to answer my e-mail to myself.

Dear PastMe,

Binagsak mo ang exam na yun. LOL. DI KA NGA NAGREVIEW. Pero 1 take mo lang ang EEE 23 at naexempt ka sa Finals. Super proud ka nung nangyari yun.

AT BUMAGSAK KA SA SECOND TAKE MO. Asar. Hindi na EEE kinukuha mo, pero nosebleed pa rin. German 30-31, 40 at Italian 40. Nosebleed.

Nagshift ka na, pero di Medicine related. And Grey’s Anatomy is so.. 3 years ago. LOL.

At natapos mo nga ang 5th season at the end of the year. Tapos nasira computer na ginagamit mo ngayon. Reformat. Tapos ngayon, di mo na pinapanood ang Grey’s dahil 1 season behind ka na. Pero hahabol ka naman.

Hindi pa rin nag-eend ang Grey’s. Yung Heroes, nacancel ng 4th Season. yung Chuck, Season 5, mag-eend pa lang. Yung The Office, di pa mag-eend pero umalis na si Steve Carell. At yung DH, mag-eend na ngayon, Season 8. Yung 90210, tinigilan ko na. Nanonood ako ng Gossip Girl at 30 Rock, pero yung Entourage, no.

At nanalo si Bob sa Survivor Gabon. Hahahaha.

At third thread na ang Djokovic Thread, ikaw ang gumawa. Andun pa rin sina mrazmaniac, sarahtancredi at mykel. Paminsan si yeomyung, ate jenny. Wala na si liyan, nakakamiss. AT APAT NA ANG GRAND SLAM TITLES NI NOLE. WORLD NUMBER 1 NA SIYA. Di mo pa iniisip yun nung time mo. Hahahaha.

P.S Maygad, kung alam mo lang. Hahaha. Di ko pa rin kilala yun.

P.P.S Di ako bumoto sa presidential elections bilang di ako nagregister. President na ngayon si Noynoy. Tapos, nanalo si Pacquiao. Kawawa naman ang gwapong mukha ni Oscar dela Hoya.


Declaring yourself in blog hiatus is so high school.

As you may see, I am still active in the social networking scene (check the Twitter widget on your right). Well, paumanhin. Meron akong iPod Touch with a Twitter app. So kahit nasa banyo ako, nagtutweet ako. Wag niyo na lang i-imagine kung kailan.

Anyways, what made me blog this time? My paper in Italian. I have been fussing on it for days. But I still haven’t found the will to do it. Hopefully after I post this, though.

Quick things, I was a bit disappointed that our professor changed the movies we are going to watch for the 2nd World War part of our German 40 class. It was The Pianist (the one with Adrien Brody in it) and Der Untergang. But he changed it to Sophie Scholl and some fun film with Hitler in it (forgot the title).

Share ko lang, our group is assigned to report about the East Germany, so we are tasked to watch Das Leben Der Anderen (won the Oscars) and Sonnenallee. Sana hindi na palitan.

Other thing, I enjoyed our mini-concert in MuL 9 earlier. We played Patangguk. I had the biggest one, so I became the rhythm of the group. Turns out I have concentration problems. I really have to concentrate so that I will not get lost in the rhythm. But I guess our presentation turned out well.

PS. I said to myself that I’ll minimize talking about myself too much in blogs (because I already do it often in microblogs) so this post is of its rare kind. (dapat)

Sexiest Man Alive

is this guy. Bradley Cooper.

I don’t question his sexiness. I question his popularity this year in order to gain such title. Lol, the man didn’t have a good photo in the magazine’s website.

The only explanation to this is the People Magazine peeps watched his The Hangover 2 interview in French before deliberating. And apparently, they forgot that this guy deserves the title more this year:

I don’t know. They just got it wrong this year.

Owell, George Clooney is still the sexiest man alive ever.


This link will help. CLICK

The title just means “The songs of the european people.” in German. Don’t be afraid.

As a European Language major, I get to hear music from the European countries all the time. And I say, we have heard a lot of pretty great ones. Enjoy.

Reik – De Que Sirve (Spanish)

Reik is a really really good band from Mexico. I heard this first from my classmate in German who is a Spanish major. The band already won a Latin Grammy (or Grammies, idk). The lead vocals looks like a Mexican Ted Mosby. So, you have found your Mexican Wrestler Ted. Hahahahaha.

I don’t really understand the song, but it’s safe to say it’s for a girl who got away. Then the song becomes emo because he keeps saying vivir “to live”, volver “to come back” etc.

Il Volo – O Sole Mio (Italian)

Il Volo (which means “The Flight” in Italian) is composed of three tenors, Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio. Can you believe that the oldest of these three is only 18 years old? They came from an Italian show called Ti lascio una canzone (I leave you a song) then they formed the group and recently, they toured the US. Therefore, they were featured in American Idol. My favorite is Piero, with the glasses.

I think Italians have the best voices in the whole world. These kids are younger than me, for Christ’s sake.

The song is just a praise for a girl that is in front of the man. Hahaha. O sole mio means “Oh, My Sun” literally.

Andrea Bocelli and Judy Weiss – Vivo Per Lei (Italian/German)

Of course, we go Andrea Bocelli. He’s a legend, for me. This song, Vivo per Lei (I live for her) is a song where Andrea Bocelli always sings the Italian part, and his partner will sing the German/Italian/French/English part. Yes, this song has many versions. The spanish version, though, is just pure spanish. Vivo por Ella is the title.

I am not biased, but I think the best version of this song is Italian/German.

Rammstein – Sonne (German)

German rock.

Rammstein, I think, is the most famous German rock band. I chose this to share because its music video is entertaining. It features Schneewittchen (Snow White) being a tyrant. Hahaha. And the song teaches you how to count in German. “Hier kommt die Sonne” means here comes the sun. Very The Beatles.

Celine Dion – Mon Ami M’a Quitté (French)

I heard this one when I was studying French in high school. The song is about Celine Dion being left by her boyfriend. Hahaha.

For me, it’s more fun watching this:

I hate him because he’s a Fed fan, but I love him because of this. And his other movies.

Party Down

Constance Carmell > Sue Sylvester.

Not sure about Henry Pollard. I love Ben Wyatt more.

I love Ron Donald. And Ken Marino himself.

Are you starting to realize that this is a lame review of Party Down?

I would like to wear a Party Down outfit on next Halloween.

I would like to work in a Food Catering Business because of this show.

Why was this show cancelled? The show can live on without Jane Lynch (to Glee) and Adam Scott (to Parks and Recreation). It’s not the LOL type of comedy, but the scripts and the settings are witty.

If you still don’t know me, my life is not complete without watching TV Series. Quick background, I started being addicted to TV Series when my mom decided to hook us up in an internet subscription, and I just discovered the power of pirated DVDs.

Anyways, with so many series I watch in my life, I learn most of the useless stuff I know now (useful in Org-sponsored Quiz Bees) from these shows. What have I learned from the shows?

  1. Parts of the American Constitution (from The Good Wife) – I know the First Amendment (about Religion as opposed to making Law) and I can plead the Fifth by heart which I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me. I somewhat know the jury system too.
  2. American Politics (from Saturday Night Live) – Michael Bloomberg is the mayor of New York City. Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachman, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich etc. are vying for the position to be the Republican representative in the 2012 Elections. Vs Obama of course. Sarah Palin and Chris Christie backed out already.
  3. Chemistry (from Breaking Bad) – for starters, what we call “shabu” here in the Philippines, is Crystal Methampethamine. Go figure. And about Chirality, where two compounds are mirror images of each other. And termites can melt steel fast.
  4. Star Trek (from The Big Bang Theory) – The films directed by William Shatner are bad. But he is hot when he was young. And the vulcan salute.
  5. 1960’s history (from Mad Men) – how John F. Kennedy died, and Marilyn Monroe. Korean War.
  6. Captains of boats can preside a wedding (from How I Met Your Mother)
  7. Who is Keyser Soze (from Cougar Town) – by Andy Torres
  8. Lots of things (from Community) – Pulp Fiction, My Dinner with Andre, How to play Dungeons and Dragons, Spanish
  9. World Geography (from TAR) – capital of Burkina Faso is Ouagadougou
  10. Cooking terms (from Top Chef) – Liquid Nitrogen, Couscous
  11. Basic Surgery (from Grey’s Anatomy)